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Graphjet Technologies

Graphjet Technologies Inc. is a Canadian startup specialized in developing state-of-the-art and sustainable glass etching and engraving solutions using a patented sandblasting technologies and innovations.

We are passionate about using innovation to create a sustainable future and support human’s artistic expression in a safe environment at a lower cost and higher quality.

We pride ourselves to become the trusted partner to a myriad of businesses and artists by making our technology at the service of their value chains and marketing strategies.

Our customers will reap the benefits by switching from manual and labor-intensive processes to a full proven innovative solution. Whether you are in the business of providing customized 2D/3D etched or engraved glass doors and windows, or you mass produce small engraved glass artifacts, Graphjet Technologies has the right solution for you!

« Bring us your design in any digital format. We will reproduce it on a flat glass panel in no time. You will benefit from the state of the art glass etching technology with the highest precision, quality and efficiency available on the market! »


Chief Executive Officer

our technologies

The Know-How of Graphjet Technologies Inc.

Patented unique high tech innovation of 3D glass engraving using sustainable sandblasting process.

Plus 2D intelligent sandblasting:

Our technology beats existing 2D conventional sandblasting machines
  • 65% faster execution
  • 60% saving energy
  • Safer Operations
  • Sustainable
working steps

Our Working Process

  • 01
    Design Conception
  • 02
    Budget Planning
  • 03
    Vectoring Design
  • 04
    Building Your Dream
We work with our customer’s existing designs and sketches to reproduce them on a flat glass panel. We also offer a full catalogue of standard sketches or work with high-quality pictures that you provide us.
We are passionate about applying technology innovation to manual sandblasting techniques in order to reduce the cost, improve the quality and accelerate the time to market for our customers and partners.
Our customers will reap the benefits by switching from a manual and labor-intensive process to a full proven industrial solution.
Ultumately, we create and reproduce your unique product design in an asthetically stunning fashion.

What We Offer

Design & Planning

We will help you to get the result you dreamed of

Custom Solutions

Personalized, aesthetically stunning solutions for customers

Standard Items

We create and produce your standard items

Research & development

We combine robotics, artificial intelligence and sustainability to solve problems and create new opportunities

We are your partner to grow your business and achieve success

We put our technology, knowledge and know-how at the service of your business in a win-win partnership. We help you address your business challenges (e.g., sustainability, design, time, cost or automation). We support your value chain by value adding processes. We co-create with you new lines of product and services.